The War of Art

Currently I am re reading Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art”.

I have said it before but if you are creative in anyway, be it a writer, painter or actor you need to own this book. Actually, if you are alive you need to own this book. It is for everyone.

It is my writing Bible.

As I thought about starting this blog I wanted to be more persistant in writing. I had become too relaxed and I was putting off the thing that I needed to do.

Not necessarily wanted to, but needed to. And I was getting unhappy.

The main theme of the book is about how to overcome ‘resistance’. Resistance basically defined as anything that stops you from writing, painting, starting your business or going for a run as a part of your marathon training. Fear, procrastination and sex are all forms of resistance but there are millions more that we can’t see.

So buy this book.

Do whatever you need to legally do to get hold of it.

If you don’t it is just resistance telling you aren’t really a writer.

Buying it will be the first part of defeating it for today.

But it will come again tomorrow.

It definitely will.

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