Everything you need to believe to be a Christian.


What are the really important core beliefs that you need to believe to be a Christian?

That being gay is wrong, or that Hell is real, or that Adam and Eve were historically real, that everything you read in the Bible actually happened, that the Earth was created in six 24hour days, that you need to say a very specific prayer, that swearing and drinking are wrong, that God causes natural disasters because of our sin, that Heaven is somewhere in the sky, that the main thing is knowing how to get there, that God created some people knowing they wouldn’t get there, that women can’t be preachers, that you have to think like me…?


That God loves you despite all the good and horrible things you have done and died and rose so you can be free from guilt and shame and constant looking over your shoulder?

One way leads to constant debate, disagreements, fighting and ugliness.

The other leads to life, love, grace and peace for everyone.

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