Why I live Tweeted the Grammys


Two nights ago, I did something that I have never done but always intended to and live tweeted an awards ceremony. On Sunday night, as I am sure many of you know, the Grammys took place and so I decided to join in with some of my favorite tweeters/bloggers/writers and have a bit of fun.

What’s the point of this you ask? Here’s a few reasons why I live tweeted the Grammys.

1. I have far too many followers on twitter (joke). Clogging up someone’s Facebook and twitter by irritatingly making Dad jokes on their feeds for three hours is a sure fire way of shedding a few followers. Or make a few who like that sort of thing.

2. I didn’t want to watch Downton Abbey.

3. I wanted to see if this was the moment that Daft Punk were finally unmasked and my suspicions that they are the Krankies was confirmed.

4. Ceremonies like the Grammys and the Golden Globes are more often than not self congratulatory and we all know celebrities take themselves way too seriously as times. Poking fun is a good way of remaining aware that celebrity culture is kind of fake. Plus you might get to see one of them fall on their arse on the way to the stage.

5. Hopefully it helped pass the time for some people. Awards ceremonies can be long and irritating. At least my tweets weren’t long.

6. I love comedy. I love writing comedy. I enjoy making people laugh. The nature of twitter is that you have a limited capacity to do that in and so you quickly learn to hone your skills as a writer. Since I was live tweeting an awards ceremony you only have a few seconds before the next thing so you have to think on the spot. This is also a good skill to develop.

So why not join me at the Oscars in February when I’ll do it all over again.

Or just unfollow me now.

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