Matthew McConaughey: Winners and workers.


Last night Matthew McConaughey won the award for the best Actor at the Golden Globes. The Golden Globes are generally considered an accurate indicator for the winners at the Academy Awards.

He has received plaudits for his role as a homophobic aids patient in Dallas Buyers’s Club and now is winning best actor awards. His new tv show True Detectives has also been getting a lot of attention.

But this is the same Matthew McConaughey who made Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Which wasn’t very good. The same Matthew McConaughey who is famous for making average Romantic comedies in the 90’s or taking his top off or winning most sexiest man alive awards.

These are the kind of things he is famous for.

Which is kind of stupid because he also made Time To Kill, Amistad, the Lincoln Lawyer and Killer Joe; which are awesome movies.

But sometimes when others focus on our weaker work, we do also. Sometimes when voices that tell us what we do isn’t good enough or as good as others; we forget all the work we do which is excellent and inspiring.

Daniel Day Lewis made My Left Foot but he also made Nine.
Meryl Streep made Kramer Vs Kramer but she also made Mamma Mia.
Robert de Niro made the Untouchables but he also made the Family.

Even the best in the business can make garbage. Even they need to climb through rubbish to get to the top.

Why are we mere mortals any different?

Citizen Kane is widely considered by many as being the best movie ever made and it missed out on Best Picture at the Oscars.

If our only motivation to do the work is to receive awards, glory and never fail we will eventually be disappointed. Citizen Kane is still a great movie as is Apocalypse now and Saving Private Ryan which also failed to win the Best Picture awards.

It’s the critics and the judges job to pick winners.

It’s our job to ignore them and get to work.

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