“Just Wanna Be Here”

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 22

As I watched Jay Leno’s final appearance on the Tonight Show before Jimmy Fallon takes over this month, I was struck by a comment by one of his guests Matthew McConaughey.

As Matthew talked about his first appearance on the show back in the 90’s he reminded Jay about something he had said to the nervous Matthew backstage before the show began.

His advice? Simply this. Continue reading

Matthew McConaughey: Winners and workers.


Last night Matthew McConaughey won the award for the best Actor at the Golden Globes. The Golden Globes are generally considered an accurate indicator for the winners at the Academy Awards.

He has received plaudits for his role as a homophobic aids patient in Dallas Buyers’s Club and now is winning best actor awards. His new tv show True Detectives has also been getting a lot of attention.

But this is the same Matthew McConaughey who made Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Which wasn’t very good. The same Matthew McConaughey who is famous for making average Romantic comedies in the 90’s or taking his top off or winning most sexiest man alive awards.

These are the kind of things he is famous for. Continue reading