Just do it. What Nike knows and you don’t.

Nike get it and so does Seth Godin.

Occasionally I also get it but less often than I would like.

That is, that ‘now’ is better than ‘later’. Procrastination is creativity’s biggest enemy. Here are 10 reasons why you should act now.

  1. You will forget to.
  2. You will forget the idea.
  3. Or someone will have the same idea, go first and you will miss out.
  4. Something else will get in the way. Circumstances change. Getting it done now means when it does change you will be ready. This will be the difference between you and the person who is just as good as you. Or even better.
  5. Creativity cultivates creativity. So not acting on your idea will mean new ideas won’t come as easy. But moving means you will be more likely to move tomorrow.
  6. You’ll feel better. Which means you’re more likely to not give up.
  7. Fear of failure is not a good enough reason to stall. In fact it’s the only real reason to act. It means you’re onto something.
  8. Later is illusive. It doesn’t exist. Now never disappears. It’s all there is.
  9. The Dr. Pepper effect. What’s the worst that can happen? It probably won’t.
  10. You are able to.

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