What kind of love is this?

I love Seth Godin.

The guy is a genius, but actually if he was here he would say that I am too. And you. And everyone. We all have genius in us but we’re often just in places where we’re not allowed or prepared to let it out.

Honestly you should just stop reading now and buy everything he has ever written. And follow his blog. And have your life changed.

Reading his book ‘Linchpin’ at the moment I was struck by an illustration he used about ‘teaching fire a lesson’.

Basically if fire burns us we can be angry with our self but getting angry at the fire is pointless. It won’t stop the fire being any hotter next time. Or if we are cut off by a driver we scream and yell at them because we want them to know that is not acceptable and so they won’t do it again.

But as Seth observes, they can’t hear us. It has no effect on them whatsoever. Continue reading