Around the Gospels in 89 days (or so…)

So this week I am doing something that I haven’t done before. I am going to read through the four Gospels in a week. (Thanks Lucas for the idea) Now my initial thought was to blog about 3 or 4 chapters a day but then I realized that I am not as articulate or as prolific as NT Wright when it comes to writing so that idea was quickly thrown out.

No I decided to do something much simpler. Instead I will blog about each Chapter. All 89 of them. Now to save a huge amount of disappointment (mmm..) this will not be a commentary or a mind blowing exegesis of the Gospels. Like I said I’m not NT Wright. I don’t even have a cool middle initial that all smart writers need. All I have is an idea to write about Jesus. Simple.

I hope that this will not be some sort of Christian clichéd blog series. (Ooops too late).

This is for everyone. This will not be perfect. I will miss glaringly massive things but hopefully will uncover some of the things I often miss. Some people will probably be pissed off. Some might see Jesus clearly for who he was instead of what their experience of religion has taught them.

This will just be me writing about what I am reading.

I won’t be writing every day so this is for the long haul. This is not a reading plan or Bible notes. This is me discovering Jesus again and for some of you maybe ever.

I hope you enjoy it but I won’t be bummed if you don’t. If nothing else I hope this encourages you to read about Jesus yourself.

Expect the first blog tomorrow.

We’ll start with a big long list of names. That’s it.

How can that not be exciting?

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