Around the Gospels in 89 days (or so…)

So this week I am doing something that I haven’t done before. I am going to read through the four Gospels in a week. (Thanks Lucas for the idea) Now my initial thought was to blog about 3 or 4 chapters a day but then I realized that I am not as articulate or as prolific as NT Wright when it comes to writing so that idea was quickly thrown out.

No I decided to do something much simpler. Instead I will blog about each Chapter. All 89 of them. Now to save a huge amount of disappointment (mmm..) this will not be a commentary or a mind blowing exegesis of the Gospels. Like I said I’m not NT Wright. I don’t even have a cool middle initial that all smart writers need. All I have is an idea to write about Jesus. Simple. Continue reading