Ssssh!… God might be speaking

When we think of God we think of a Him. We also think of a being who created the world and who loves us unconditionally. We also think the opposite. We think that God is angry with us most of the time and that he is holding out on us. He has time for us but more in a teacher- class setting. He wants to teach us things but he’s too busy to engage in one on one tutoring.

With so many conflicting ideas about God, no wonder we don’t get him.

We also think God is far up in the sky, in some other dimension.

Which creates feelings of distance from God. Which then lead to hopelessness and guilt and shame.

A lot of the time we are waiting for that huge ‘eureka’ moment where God speaks to us.

But there could be another way God wants to speak to us that we often miss.

When we desire for God and are dying to feel Him close what we are really searching for is a relationship. Now I am aware that ‘entering into a relationship’ with God is a huge cliché in the church and one that is rather unhelpful. Especially to those who don’t always feel like God likes us. But if Jesus needed people around Him why do we think we are any different.

So maybe we are looking in the wrong places. Perhaps instead of searching for that relationship in quiet times or in worship services, times and events that usually leave us feeling ‘on fire’ but quickly fizzle out; we should be searching in the places that are so obvious we miss them.


Could it be that God wants to show us Him by having us connect with the people already in our lives?

What if that is where we will feel closest to God?

God created people. He didn’t create us in isolation. He created us in community. From Adam and Eve to Paul’s letters to the churches; most of the time God is working when there are people around. When two or three are gathered and when human frailties are most apparent.

These could be the places where God is heard.

When we pray with someone over their illness. When we help our neighbor move house. When we take the time to cry with our friends. When we rejoice at new born babies. When we don’t try and have all the answers. When we forgive someone who has been a dick to us. When someone forgives us for being a dick to them.

That’s where love is it’s loudest. Where God’s grace is most obvious. And where we realize we aren’t on our own. Instead of working harder to pray or read the Bible on our own when we want God, we should join with other people .

Is God distant or is He showing us that life is more than having a quiet time on your own every morning?

Maybe if we want to feel God’s presence we need to stop looking up all the time and simply look around once in a while.

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