Ssssh!… God might be speaking

When we think of God we think of a Him. We also think of a being who created the world and who loves us unconditionally. We also think the opposite. We think that God is angry with us most of the time and that he is holding out on us. He has time for us but more in a teacher- class setting. He wants to teach us things but he’s too busy to engage in one on one tutoring.

With so many conflicting ideas about God, no wonder we don’t get him.

We also think God is far up in the sky, in some other dimension.

Which creates feelings of distance from God. Which then lead to hopelessness and guilt and shame.

A lot of the time we are waiting for that huge ‘eureka’ moment where God speaks to us.

But there could be another way God wants to speak to us that we often miss. Continue reading