New Blog

If you’re here then welcome.

I am excited that you are.

First off, I have decided to retire my blog tobeuncommon. This was my first ever blog and I love it. I had a lot of fun writing it and I am actually pretty proud of a lot of what I wrote there…but some things in life have to come to an end and really I just wanted a new challenge. Also, tobeuncommon was often all over the place and that’s cool, but I want to focus more on less topics which will hopefully produce better work.

And born out of that comes my new blog here, paulrobinsonwrites.

So what will I be writing here? Well there will be some God posts, probably quite a lot of porn posts and some thoughts on Faith and Culture.

And of course the beauty of writing and creativity is that could all change, but for now that is what I will focus on.

So please take time to read, comment however you like and I hope above everything  you have fun reading.

Let’s go.

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