The Reduced Shakespeare debate: Why everyone is wrong (and right)


I followed a conversation on twitter yesterday that made me want to write a post in response. It was about an issue that is kind of a big deal these days for Christians but I’m not going to say what it was because it’s beside the point.

If I name the issue I will probably start a debate rather than discussing how we deal with disagreements. Which is what I want to get at. Continue reading

Mass Debating alone?

Christians like to debate with non Christians. We like to defend our beliefs and and we like others to know our beliefs. Even when they don’t care too. Even if they are just trying to enjoy their Saturday afternoon with the family, our megaphone will ensure that they will hear what we think.

Sharing what we believe is not a bad thing but sometimes I wonder exactly why we do this. Do we tell people what we think because we care about the issue and believe deeply that there is something wrong with the current system or attitude? Or is it about seeming like we are an expert or smart? Is it about power? Do we really care about change?

When the street evangelist yells at passersby that they are going to Hell, is this about love for those people or is it about anger, the fear of people different to us or is it just because they have nothing better to do? Continue reading