Religion V Jesus

Religion and Christian culture tells you that you are accepted when you…

stop looking at porn
worship God in everything you do
are excited about turning up to church
have the “correct” belief about scripture
give away 10% of your money
don’t get pissed
don’t swear
speak the right lingo
listen to the right preachers
read the right Christian books
“hate the sin, but love the sinner”
never miss a day reading the Bible
show up at the cool church events
get angry because your Christian beliefs are being “trampled” on
close your eyes when you lead worship
act humble and love it when people tell you how humble you are
engage in online debates about who is right and wrong
Jesus says…
You are accepted.
And everything else is just noise.

One thought on “Religion V Jesus

  1. Heh.

    Only Jesus changed me from total sociopath(who enjoyed teasing others and especially Christians) into a caring, compassionate person.

    Are im still addicted to porn(after 11+ years) yes.
    In order to heal I need to build myself again because has played a major role in my life,
    to escape from taking responsibility and growing.

    Do I feel shame ? Zero.

    Churches are failing, worldwide. Because they are not talking about porn/sex/masturbation easily.
    In secular world those topics are shared and discussed freely.

    I hope to heal fully, one day and travel around the world and help church leaders to be more compassionate, loving and confident about those issue.

    I have been in the end of the bottle, many times. In fact, I should not be alive at all.

    If I get famous then I never forgot where I have been. I know very well what means to lose hope,
    be depressed an alone.

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