Is God absent?

When we wonder why God is absent from the world, perhaps we should first ask, which Governments, powers, corporations and religion institutions have made themselves God?

Then when we have asked that, we should ask in what ways are we making ourselves God and holding power over others through our words, actions and even thoughts?

Is it that God is absent or is it simply that we’re not listening?

Is it in this deafening silence where God is speaking loudest?

Maybe He is to be found in that still quiet voice in each of us that tells us that there has to be more than this. That the pain we experience and the pain we see others endure is not all there is. Maybe here is where God resides, urging us to stand up for those who can’t get to their feet, propelling us into new ways of thinking about our neighbor and offering peace to our enemy?

Are we waiting like the disciples did, for God to take action against the corrupt powers and those who hold others down, when just like them, we’re called to work with God in restoring everyone and everything?

When we speak up, when we stop oppressors from dehumanizing others, when we offer an ear to a friend in need, when we forgive our enemies and when we take the time to be silent,

we might just find that God has been speaking all along; we’ve just not been listening.

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