You’re going to fail.

The bigger your audience becomes or the more comments your received on your last post or the more retweets your tweets got, the more people will disagree with you.

You’ll get more haters too and people who never seemed interested in your work before will come out of the woodwork and tell you every single thing you are doing wrong. They’ll probably not be very nice about it either.

You have two choices as I see it. 

You can try and take every opinion and sort through them all. Not a bad idea in theory but at some point you will forget your purpose and next time you try and create something of importance you will have all those voices floating around pulling and pushing you in different directions. That creates doubt. It will cause you to second guess what people will say about you and ultimately your art.

Or…you can listen to criticism that is actually helpful. Use it or ignore it only if it helps contribute to your creating for the people that matter. Yourself and the people you are helping.

But maybe there is a third choice. The choice to wake up every day and acknowledge that at some point you will fail. Everyone will. It’s unavoidable. So then, stop avoiding it and plunge head first into your work free of the fear of “will I mess this up”?

You will. But when that creates fear which causes you to second guess what other people will say,

you’ll never succeed.

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