Happy Father’s Day to those without a Father.

There are times when you want to hide under a rock in life and for a good proportion of mine that was Father’s Day. I know friends who for them it is Mother’s Day or Christmas or Birthdays or anytime England play in the World Cup.

Yet these are the times when we can feel the most exposed. The times when we feel that most eyes are on us to see how we react. In those moments it can feel like you’re the only one not joyous or excited or grateful. You feel guilty for feeling this way when all around you people are worshipping their loved ones. Sentiments like “you have a Father In Heaven who loves you more than any Earthly one ever could” serve as a kind and well intentioned idea from those who mean well but can He kick a soccer ball around with me or teach me to shave or tell you you are beautiful even if some boy doesn’t think so?

Rob Bell once said that the greatest sermon you can ever hear is “me too”. So to everyone who has hated today at least once in their life or every Mother’s Day or Christmas or Thanksgiving or perhaps everyday, you are not alone.

I’m not saying get over it or it will be alright. Maybe it won’t. But you are not alone. You are loved and you are appreciated. You are cared for. There are others who do understand.

And that today is something we can be grateful for.

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