David Ervine: A tribute to when politicians were brave.


I was 23 years old when David Ervine died. I didn’t know a great deal about politics but I knew that I liked him. I am not a loyalist. I’m not a Unionist, Nationalist or Republican. I am not a supporter of any one political party. I am more interested in how a politician can help Northern Ireland move on from our terrible past (and present).

David Ervine was someone who stood against everything that I thought loyalism stood for. Anger, anti Sinn Fein, stuck in the past. He made me see that not all loyalists were violent and ignorant. He made me see that I was wrong.

He stood out from the crowd in NI politics. He was likable and intelligent. The term visionary has never been more aptly applied to a politician in Northern Ireland now and in the past.

I can’t help but wonder where we would be if he was still alive. Continue reading