The Dr. Pepper Effect


What’s the worst that can happen?

In your interview or when you ask a girl out. When you reach out to someone about writing a post for their blog. When you’re asked to speak in front of a couple hundred people.

In our heads we like to imagine a million horrible different scenarios that could arise.

You don’t have any answers for your interviewer. The girls laughs at you and tells everyone in school what you did. The site tells you that you’ll never be good enough to write for them. You trip on the way to the stage in front of a hundred of your piers.

In truth most of the time the actual outcome is a lot more mundane.

You stumble when replying to a few questions. The girl tells you you aren’t her type. The site doesn’t reply to your emails. The microphone doesn’t work for a minute.

None of these are major disasters. They’re set backs at best. You can move on.

But for most of us the only truth we know is the worst case scenario we make up in our imaginations because we never get far enough.

The fear sets in. The resistance works it’s magic. The lizard brain kicks into gear.

So we never get to learn that a negative experience is not the end of the world.

Or we won’t actually hate ourselves.

Or..we never get to hear her say ‘yes’.

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