Real men talk about porn.

SECRET+WPI recently came upon this post about porn addiction and as a porn addict myself who has struggled on and off for many years and has been able to get it under control (with a lot of help from other people- I’ll get to that later) I take a keen eye when it comes to reading articles and blogs and pieces about porn. Especially, as it relates to Christians.

So when this blog came to my attention via Stuff Christian Culture Likes on facebook I clicked the link to read it straight away.

Now I am sure that the writer had the best intentions when writing it and I am sure they are passionate about seeing men (and women) free from porn. He is spot on when he says that porn addiction is a conversation that we need to be having.

The problem with any discussion on porn addiction that begins with hyperbolic language to make a point is that you run the risk of alienating the very people who need to hear the message. Continue reading