Who is your art not for?

There will be those who don’t get it. Who will laugh at, try to sabotage and get in the way of what you are doing.

You may then spend much of your time trying to win them round because you want everyone to agree with you. This is impossible. They just want you to fail. They are maybe jealous or angry. Let them be. Because you will waste your art and time trying to achieve the impossible.

If you start feeling upset when someone reacts like this, stop and remember that this is not for them.

This book, this trip, this fundraiser, this outreach, this idea. It’s not for them.

But those things are for someone and they need you to focus on it for their sake. Because they deserve your energies, head time and gift. They will be inspired and they will therefore create their own gifts.

This creates life.

The former just causes decay and wasted gifts.

Not for me, thanks.

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