Here’s Your Change.

Does change scare you?

It should. It’s ok if it does. The mistake is in letting the fear or resistance talk you out of your best work.

Or any work for that matter.

We’re told that people don’t change. Why?

Just because someone has hurt you or burnt you doesn’t mean we should all be tarnished by the same brush.

So if you need to change then change.

We’re free to change more than we have ever been able to before.

How much more writing could I complete if I just got up an hour earlier?

How much more trust could I establish if I just spent a little time everyday thanking one or two of my blog followers?

How much better could I get at public speaking if I just reached out and found the opportunities rather than waiting for them to come knocking?

You don’t need a degree or an impressive cv to accomplish any of the above. But you may need to change.

And today you can.

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