‘Ryan, Joseph and God’ Matthew 2

You’ve got to feel for poor Joseph. First your fiancee tells you she’s pregnant but that it’s ok, but also she can’t tell you who the father is. Today I am pretty sure she would appear on Jeremy Kyle with Jeremy shifting from his soft spoken ‘I’m better than you’ tone to his ‘now look, I’m judging you too’ yelling as he forces her to sit a lie detector test. Making Joseph sit back stage with the shows psychologist as he await the results after the commercial break

Or whatever the equivalent was in those days.

So Joseph sits and listens and has probably a million questions and does what any of us would do.

He falls asleep.

He just finds out his fiancee is having a mysterious baby and Joseph is so relaxed and calm he takes a nap.

And when he falls asleep an angel tells him in a dream not to worry, but the baby is God’s and to simply do what he is told and everything will be ok.

Now I am not the most confident guy all the time but finding out your fiancee is having a baby that is God’s, is probably something to similar to finding out your fiancee if is having Ryan Gosling’s baby but that it’s OK, then having a dream where Morgan Freeman reveals to you what you are to do next.

How do you compete with that?

But to Joseph’s credit he doesn’t question anything. He trusts God with the situation and knows that he may not understand it but God has got control on the situation.

Now if there is ever someone who exhibits trust in the Bible, it’s got to be Joseph. Or maybe Joseph just knew that this was what was supposed to happen. That these were events that had been predicted many, many years before by Micah and Jeremiah and that God, as mental and crazy as his plans were, knew this day was coming.

Even though Joseph was asked to do stuff that most of us would have ran away from faster that you could say “Ryan Gosling’s the father?, I always had you more as a Ryan Reynolds fan” God never let him down. There was never a moment where God didn’t provide for Mary and their baby. It was like Joseph got who God was.

I know that almost every day I feel like God is telling me to do something. Sometimes it’s big like give money away that we don’t really have and sometimes it’s small like washing the dishes before my wife gets home.

Yet nearly always every day I have questions like “but what if we are short for rent” or “I would but if I don’t write today, I won’t fulfill my dream”

What if we took God at face value and realized that there is nothing he can’t handle? That when events and our world around us seem to be falling apart; when we are put in incredibly tough situations with scary decisions to be made, that God knows already and is more than capable of providing just when we need it.

If that’s too long a question maybe we should just ask ourselves

What if we were more like Joseph?

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