Journaling and Scales. The Art of warming up.

I tweeted earlier that  journaling is to writing what practicing scales is to playing music. Not only does it warm up my fingers but it also warms up my brain. I can just start writing and not worry about the content or the punctuation. I don’t care about spelling or whether I uses the right version of your or you’re (Your probably not going to notice anyway).  It’s just a way of getting started because we all know that starting is the hard part.

But journaling creates something new that engages the brain, that brings about the muse and gives us ideas. It’s a way of getting into the flow. This post started with some random thoughts. The core of this blog was already written before I even started trying properly.

Resistance tells me not to journal because it will distract me from ‘real’ writing. But if I am not ‘real’ writing then I may at least ‘journal’ write. If nothing good comes of it that’s ok. If it is rubbish, it’s ok because I am doing the work. I showed up and I got it done.

Mozart probably didn’t need to practice much. He was born with music growing in his mind. Messi was born with a ball attached to his feet. Most of us aren’t like that and we need to work at it. That doesn’t mean you are weak. It just means you are like nearly almost everyone else.

You want to get readers then you have to write. You want to make a great presentation to a lot of people  then you have to make a  great presentation to 20 people. You want to play at Wimbledon then you have to get out and at least hit some serves. You didn’t hit a serve in? That’s ok. You showed up. And you will again tomorrow too.

Then you will start hitting serves in.

And then you will start hitting aces.

Ice Cream for the Soul

Rob Bell just released a new video entitled Rediscovering Wonder.

It’s typical Rob Bell. He walks down an unassuming back alley. He speaks as if it isn’t scripted. He uses his body to express what he is thinking. There aren’t a lot of scriptural references. Some may even say it is annoying.

It’s also brilliant. He brings a fresh feeling to everything. It’s nothing new. He has stated many times that he is not trying to add to what has gone before.

But his gift is that he makes it feel like the first time you have heard it. Like the first time a kid tries ice cream. For some it’s too cold and they don’t know what to make of it. For others they just want more. Then they want to try different flavours.

Rob Bell is icecream for my soul. I want to rediscover God when I watch or read or hear him speak.

I hope you do too.


Although now all I want is to make a trip to Morellis.